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Brag alert!

Bragalert!!!Time for me to brag big time!!! I am so so proud of Christopher!!!
For those that dont know, he forced our hand a few years ago when he decided not to stay at school. He was 16 1/2 when he left before even gaining university entry levels. He was too bored and unmotivated in school… We worked out that he could go to MIT (Manaukau Institute of Technology) and study computer stuff there. He started with a 1/2 year of Computer Foundation Course and just finished his 2 years and now has a Lvl 4 and Lvl 5 Diploma in Information and Communication Technology. Not bad at all for an 18 year old! I am so very proud and also quite relieved how things turned out for him.
But wait, there is more… Let me shout it from the rooftops… he’s applied to study at AUT ( Auckland University of Technology) towards a Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences Degree. And as he does not have university entrance, no NCEA Lvl 2 credits, nor is he 20 years old yet it was a bit of a wait and see if they would acknowledge his MIT work and credit him with enough points…
Whew the acceptance letter arrived last weekend and we are all so happy! Naturally I am totally proud of him. It’s amazing what Chris has achieved in the last few years, especially considering his age. So here I am with a big smile on my face, breast swelling with pride, completely enjoying my brag moment! Love you heaps and heaps Chris!

Oh yes it was also time for another Scrap the Teenz inspiration. This one was about teenz and pets. I had the perfect pictures from the end of last year when Tarryn got a puppy for her birthday. Chris is not really a ‘dog person’ but that does not matter to Cosmo. He simply adores Chris and it did not take long for Chris to fall for him either;p
I love these photos, they are so bright and full of fun!

Dont forget to check out the blog, there’s such a neat variety of LO’s to the theme.
TFL and wishing you all a great week ūüôā
xx Ilka


Scrap the teens

Hope you are all enjoying the weekend! I sure am! Rainer took me out for lunch, woohoo no cooking tonite! Now the fire is going and the sofa is calling out to me to come plonk down to watch a movie with my huni.  Sheer bliss after a hectic week! But first a quick update.

The Scrap the teenz theme this month is fears/dislikes.  Check out the different takes on the theme here and a big Welcome to Adrienne Рour latest addition to the contribution team- great to have ya on board!
My take was inspired by Chris strong dislike of tomatoes.¬†Not sure I am happy with the way it turned out. Plus things like stitching and the silver letters didn’t scan very well. But I had fun going crazy with the sewing machine and have some ideas for future projects.

Oh and here are the sneakies revealed: Isn’t my Ronja just beautiful!

Love it when he brings me flowers, love the way my heart skips a beat when he gives me ‘that’ look.
Love I’m still so in love after 10+ years! Sometimes I cant stop gushing, it’s still a miracle, I found my soulmate, how lucky am I?!!!

TFL and for your comments, they always bring a smile into my days!
xx Ilka

They arrived!!!

Thanks for all your comment! Sorry been very busy getting things ready for Ronjas arrival and haven’t blogged or commented much and likely will only do so sporadically over their stay here.

Woohoooooooooooo Ronja and Andy arrived!!!

And just a few hours later… at Kariotahi Beach.

Just letting you know all is going well on the non -smoking front! And¬†it’s just wonderful having Ronja here for the next 3 weeks! Andy is a lovely bloke too and so easy to get along with. Rainer is beaming a lot, so cute to see the proud Dad!¬†
I might not be online much during their visit or comment on your blogs as I usually do.¬† Too busy having fun ;p¬†But as Arny said : I’ll be BAAACK;p

Did you check out the ScrapTheTeenz blog yet? Teenz and their wheels, seems this pushes every Mom’s fear button;p

Oh and did ya see¬†the nifty new PaperPesto logo I added?¬†Speaking of which, have you checked out the sneak peaks of their March kit? No??? Well you better run over to their blog here. It’s guess what’s in the kit competition and the closest guess will win a cool prize pack!¬†And omg this¬†kit is so supercool, it’s got colour, b&W, funk and swirls! Woohooo I am so lucky I’ll be designing with it this month.¬†Good luck to everyone playing!

Gosh I love having a daughter here! Ronja and I will be heading over to the NZScrapbookShop tomorrow eve for a special Product Preview Evening ‚Äď Bisous- funky stuff by the looks of it. Gonna be so much fun- demos, ¬†nibbles, cake &¬†coffee and prizes! Check out the details here.

Time to head off, catch ya laters, have a good week and TFL!

xx Ilka

Teenz are up

Scrap the Teenz blog has their new summer fun theme up and all the entries are so cool and very different, well worth checking them out imho.
Here’s my entry:
There’s something wonderful about a white background and how it sets off colours¬†… will my love of white backgrounds ever stop I wonder?
I rediscovered a stash of lovely ribbons that went perfectly with the photos. Hmm rediscovery… had a bit? of a clean up in my scrap space – wow that’s an understatement – it looked like a few bombs exploded in there. Got to the point I had to scrap on¬†my 12″‘x 12″ stamp pad because no surface was clear anymore… sheesh!¬†All I know is it’s ¬†got to change, I am ready to be less messy, I’m frustrating myself with being so chaotic O.o ¬†Anyone¬† got some good tips of¬†how to keep things clean( er) and organzied? Any sites or books that could help me?
Had to laugh when I looked at the finished LO and realized I had not used one bit of patterned paper, just a few die cut¬†notes , the smiley face packing tape, ribbons, stickers and felt bits.¬†Not like I dont have ample supplies of pp’s ;p And neither does that mean I dont ‘need’ more pp’s – you all know what I mean right?
Which reminds me PaperPesto has a gorgeous kit this month aptly named Be Loved, you can find beautiful inspirational LO’s of it here¬†and also on¬†Ann’s blog.¬†PaperPesto also runs a sketch challenge until Feb 16th.
Edited – just found something to make you smile over here.
Have a great weekend all!
xx Ilka

Some LO’s

Thanks for the wonderful wishes and comments!
Saturday I dropped off my stuff for the NZ Scrapbook Shop – sorry Ann, missed ya again ūüė¶ One day eh! I’m so silly sometimes, I scanned the LO’s I made for the big BE calendar, but forgot to take pictures of the actual calendar… Blame it on the heat;p
For January Рthis basic greay paper just begged to be cut out, used some embroidery, beadwork and bling;p Duh I also forgot to take detail shots;p

February – Valentines – surprise! -my huni and I!!!

I’ve decided to put myself more on pages this year, here I am gracing the march page LOL. Check out the NZScrapbook Shop blog for the latest new stuff like BG Two Scoops etc.
Scrap the Teenz has started off the year with a food theme and I love how different all the entries are. Go on , check it out and while you’re over there why not leave a comment ;p
TFL and have a good start to the week , and another glorious holiday for all the Aucklanders!
xx Ilka

R is for Ronja

Many thanks for your wonderful and supportive comments, always makes me feel so much better *hugs you all*

My gorgeous gift¬†daughter Ronja ( Rainer’s daughter who lives in Germany) has sent me some photos and I just have to share my beautiful Ronja with you.


The flowers in her funky glasses are real! How cool is that?

Ronja's cool glasses

And here is Ronja with her partner Andi.

Ronja & Andi

I had been asking for some picture so I could scrap her. I had a LO I wanted to do in mind. So wish we could spend a christmas together!!! Actually I’d love her to live over here but she’s quite settled in Germany. I’m so blessed she is beautiful inside and out and I couldn’t have dreamt of a better daughter, if only she would live here. My world would be more perfect.
Here it is, once again using the gorgeous PaperPesto kit. Wow this kit gives some mileage alright! It’s a pity you cant see it in the photo but the swirls are¬†yummy glittery and the background is a subtle bling cardstock.

All we want for x-mas

Thanks for looking and have a great weekend!
xx Ilka


Love long weekends!

Love, love long weekends with my hunis!!! That extra day makes it feel like a mini holiday! LOL and role reversal, the parents have off while the son is working. So proud of Chris for working two 10 hours days this weekend. *kaching* here comes the new graphics card for his pc.
Most of the weekend was¬†about R&R , with a shopping trip thrown in and a bit of scrapbooking of course! The best way to end a wonderful weekend¬†… a walk along the beach with my love ūüôā

Love Kariotahi Beach with it’s black sand. How lucky are we? It’s our local beach!

But eeps what’s this? Looks like giant washing powder bubbles, the algae is¬†called ‘rock snot’? how appropriate..LOL

Portrait contest, here’s Rainers with arm;p

And mine without my arm, not sure, who is the winner ;p

A last look at a beautiful sunset…before going home.

Hope you had an equally happy weekend and are ready for a great week!

Oops before I forget the upcoming theme at Scrap the Teenz is Extreme . Here’s a little preview of mine. But check the blog out now, there are some very cool teenage LO’s there right now!

TFL ūüôā