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What can I say? Too much work, too much sick, too much pain and too stupid to admit it to myself;p Well duh there was a reason (physically my knees) why I was working part time, so what surprise fulltime work is putting me in a ton of pain and coping with it is exhausting me completely… It’s just hard to admit it to myself how bad my knee’s got and how much it infringes on my life now. Since I was 15 years old, my knee has impacted on my life and overall I tried to make the impact a positive thing, a thing that was not limiting me but from which I could gain new lessons… And yes in many ways I have learned a lot of good stuff, made smart choices. But right now all I feel is pain, exhaustion, limits. Still hard to accept that my body is such a fragile thing, that managing my pain means I am tired a lot. This is very hard to admit to myself.
On top I had no news about my upcoming operation date and was starting to freak out… what if they forgot to put me on that waiting list. After all it was January when I saw them and it’s June now, and they said about 6 month waiting list. For weeks I was too chicken to call them up and find out, how silly am I? When I finally rung up the lady told me no set date yet but I’m on high priority and it should be before September – woohooo!!! Trust me I learned my lesson, I am gonna ring her every month now!
So that’s where I’m at. I needed some time out from the world to lick my wounds and come to grips with the above.
Thanks for your emails and comments ūüôā
Lets hope my op will be soon!!!
xx Ilka


Box of Delight!

Woohoo my turn to design with this month’s A Walk in the Woods” Collection from PaperPesto. This kit is just devine, am sure it will be another sell out! All my fav designer papers, Pink Paisley, SassafrasLass, Tinkering Ink, Scrapworks and Jenni Bowlen… heaven!¬†The embossed felt embellies are too cute and I am in love with the Fancy Frame Chipboard Layered Book. That’s seriously cool! Look at all this colourful goodness spilling out on my sofa, doesn’t it just yell out play with me?

So I played tonight and now I dont want to go to work tomorrow but play more. Bah how work always interfers with fun;p
Oh you need to checkout PaperPesto Kate’s work with the kit here, she did a beautiful LO and an amazing mini album which she will post soon. Brings the sunshine right back into our hearts!
PaperPesto’s May sketch challenge is up and runs until 9pm on the 18th May! You gotta be in to win!
And how about an infamous sneak preview –¬†I know what a pain in the butt but I wanna be mean too;p
LOL reveal at a later date.

Rainer thanks everyone for the good wishes, he said he felt ok today, the bugs are definetely retreating, thank goodness!
TFL and I wish you a great week! Hope you all keep warm!
xx Ilka

Thanks :)

Woaa what a lovely welcome back gals, thanks makes me feel so special!!
So nice to come home after such a horrid rainy day to lovely blog messages and a wee RAK in the post!

Spoiled me!!! That ribbon is gorgeous as, love the pattern and the colours! Already have a LO in mind! Thanks so much Michelle aka Mrs Frizz!
WHEW!!! Looks like I am not the only adult that turns into a jelly when she hears the word dentist!

Let’s hope the weather clears up a bit overnight. It’s not the rain so much –¬†ok admittingly it’s not exactly a lot of fun¬†getting wet 3 times in a day! But what’s worse is the grey dull sky and the¬†feeling no matter what time of the day it is, it feels like 5 pm in the afternoon, all day long!!!

So here’s to a bit of blue sky tomorrow! nighty night!

Day 3

Woke up this morning , body aching, blocked nose¬†and sore throat… Guess I caught something yesterday morning after helping 3 van loads of people getting into the vans.. it rained heaps and I got quite wet. *sighs* Bummer my day off and all I ¬†managed to do is a quick trip to the LSS for some embossing powder and the library. Then came home and was utterly exhausted. LOL my throat so sore I dont think I could¬†smoke even if I wanted to;p So at least that diverts me well away from that;p My nose slowly making Rudolph some serious competition. Oh yeah I do feel a bit¬†sorry for myself – LOL I know I know;p
Oh yeah and look what snazzy bag I used for my library books! Woohoo highlight of my day thanks to Penny Р*hugs*!
That and of course all your encouraging comments! Means a lot to me, you are the bestest cheering squad there is!
Ok, time to lie down and rest up a bit more, lol just for a change;p
xx and TFL

Where did it go?

Cant believe just a few weekends ago this was us out at Kariotahi Beach…

Feeling all summery… hanging out on a Sunday afternoon.

Soaking up the sun….

Now the weather is all grey and rainy and it looks like summer has disappeared again along with Rainer *sighs*
I miss my honey, he’s off in Sydney this week. Not a great month as far as couple time is concerned ūüė¶ He’ll be like a yo-yo one week in aussieland, one week here, again to aussie, back here and then another week in Brisbane.¬†No matter how often we’ve been through we still dont like it one bit.¬†
Guess at the end of it it’ll be December and almost x-mas and holiday. Wooohooo! Which reminds me I better get organized or x-mas will suddenly leap at me again ;p¬†I adore the x-mas season and love dressing up the house to get a bit of that ‘x-mas feeling’. Considering it’s the complete wrong season for this ex – european gal I’m doing quite well usually. So long as the real christmas tree fills the house with that devine smell and I can see lots of reminders of my x-mas childhood memories around me.¬† Like wreaths and garlands, fairy lights¬†and shiny stuff ūüôā¬†
Ok now I talked myself into a better mood – funny how that works sometimes- and must get ready for work..Seeing Rainers photos makes me happy ūüôā
Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!


Thank you!

*hugs* and a big¬†thank you¬†for your thoughts and good wishes! Made me feel so good when Rainer ‘reported’ them back to me! And a very special THank you Rainer!!! Gosh I am so lucky to have such a wonderful caring man, even though he refused to put on an apron – what a shame really o.O. Imagine long skinny legs *giggles*
He made sure I had my painkillers every 4 hours on the dot, and put up with me getting bored of lieing around the bed. Answered my gong every time¬†– and no the neighbourhood was safe- it’s a wee tiny one. We were both pooped on saturday, apparently Rainer hadn’t slept well the 2 nights prior to the OP because he was worried. ( He told me that on saturday…). Did I mention how freakin lucky I am to have such a wonderful loving man?
My knee is still a bit tender and sore but yesterday and today I was allowed to get up a little. Thank goodness! I was getting really sick of 24/7 bed or sofa.

Big congrats to Jo, Megan and Sarah for making it onto the UP2Scrap Elite Team!!! Amazingly those 3 live in the same suburb in Auckland and are also all part of the NZScrapbook DT!¬†I’m in illustrous company O.o

Another big congrats to Monique for being this years SE ultimate scrapbooking champion! And also to Hannah and Delys for being joined 3d!

Had fun doing this little accordion album about Chris and Tarryn for NZ Scrapbook . Such gorgeous Heidi Grace papers and yummy embellies! And best thing of all, Chris really likes it!

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful week!


Thought I let you know why I have been so quiet blogwise lately and update you on a few things.

Work has taken over my life a bit??? and I WORKED A LOT OF OVERTIME¬†too much really¬†. We are completely restructuring some of our services, and will make 4 places out of just 3. Two¬†existing places will be revamped and 2 will be new. We had tons of planning, drawing up programs and restructuring ideas prior to the big hui¬†friday and saturday. Went in again a few times after too … I know it was supposed to be my holiday… But could not leave my wonderful work partner and friend all alone.. Overall this has been extremely stressful for everyone and I know once the changes are all made it will be for the better but meantime it’s hardgoing.
Spent the rest time I had with Rainer who was getting a little? disgrunteled.
Also had my MRI – dont I look scary *laughs* Apparently I have a bad tear in my cartlidge and am waiting now on approval for an op date. Fortunately they can do it all with telescopic surgery!

We took the kids out to dinner to ‘Oh Calcutta’ – a superyummy indian restaurant up in Auckland and had a fab night out.

Oh Calcutta Chris and Tarryn

OOps time to run have a shower and go to work. Hope you’ve all been good! Will catch up with your blogs soon and hopefully be a better blogger myself. Guess when I am too overloaded and stressed I go into withdrawl from the world.
Have fun!!! My motto for today!