Scrap the teens

Hope you are all enjoying the weekend! I sure am! Rainer took me out for lunch, woohoo no cooking tonite! Now the fire is going and the sofa is calling out to me to come plonk down to watch a movie with my huni.  Sheer bliss after a hectic week! But first a quick update.

The Scrap the teenz theme this month is fears/dislikes.  Check out the different takes on the theme here and a big Welcome to Adrienne – our latest addition to the contribution team- great to have ya on board!
My take was inspired by Chris strong dislike of tomatoes. Not sure I am happy with the way it turned out. Plus things like stitching and the silver letters didn’t scan very well. But I had fun going crazy with the sewing machine and have some ideas for future projects.

Oh and here are the sneakies revealed: Isn’t my Ronja just beautiful!

Love it when he brings me flowers, love the way my heart skips a beat when he gives me ‘that’ look.
Love I’m still so in love after 10+ years! Sometimes I cant stop gushing, it’s still a miracle, I found my soulmate, how lucky am I?!!!

TFL and for your comments, they always bring a smile into my days!
xx Ilka


More PaperPesto sneakies

Oops forgot I have some LO’s and  more sneakies from the PaperPesto kit to share. This gorgeous kit goes a long way!
This one is about the best Loo’s in NZ *laughs* It’s true, the Kawakawa restrooms are a work of art designed by artist Hundertwasser. (Hunderwasser-  a german name literally translates  to hundred- water, that’s why the 100wasser on the LO )

Used my paints from the march kit for this LO and made a tree outline with embroidery.

and the sneakies…

I seem quite obsessed with embroidering on LO’s at the moment;p

and some more cutting out and underlaying dark cardstock..

 love this yummy yellow… now that’s a new one, never figured me for a yellow person!

And dont forget to apply for the guest designers positions at PaperPesto! You gotta be in to win! Good luck!
TFL and keep warm 🙂
xx Ilka


Yes it’s woo hoot Wednesday for Janine but Woohooo… or woohooohooo is also a word that I first saw when Rainer wrote to me. It’s his ultimate expression of supercool or big joy! So seeing woohoot always remindsme of Rainer, sweet!
woohoo- for once the internet is there! ( been having some? or rather quite a lot of issues with the internet this week. Gawds I start disliking that icky orange light on the router that mean we are disconnected yet again;p)
woohoo – it’s almost Friday! I love weekends!
woohoo – it’s been a good week and I just feel good, not desperatetly hanging out for Friday like some weeks;p
woohoo – I got a lot of paperwork done at work, more than I anticipated! Now usually it’s the opposite so that’s a big woohoohoo.
woohoo – not long to go until scrap camp!!!
TFL! And all your lovely comments to the previous posts!
Have a great remaining week, the weekend will be here soon!

xx Ilka


Happy Mothers Day!

Heya there, hope you all enjoyed a great day, especially all the Mum’s out there!
My ‘baby’ is working today but this is what I saw before I left…

aww he’s such a sweet one ( ok sometimes I could also kick his butt;p)
Rainer told me this cute story about the flowers. Apparently Chris did not like the flower bunches at the florist, so he decided to pick his own flowers to make one. He said to Rainer: “‘Oh I did not like any of the flower bunches they had in the shop,… So I picked flowers to make my own bunch. I wanted a nice big bunch, thinking I splash out on some nice cool flowers. Got a big surprise when I paid for it and it turned out cheaper than the premade bunches!
I love love this story!!! Firstly how sweet- he actually designed the flowern bunch himself!  Love all the white and green, just gorgeous, how special!!! And how neat for Chris to be rewarded for putting in special thought and effort! Total win win situation!
He also made me a lovely card, hehe he obviously had been to the LSS Craftee Creations. Yep this dude knows his ways around a scrap shop;p

Aww what he wrote into the card makes me all cryee and laughing at the same time! Very honest and cheeky;p  So Chris!!!
‘Thank you for being there for me and supporting me and trying hard not to get mad at me. Love ya lots and lots’
*chuckles* yep indeed I try my hardest but at times this boy of mine definately makes me loose my cool, but how wonderful to see at least he ‘get’s’ that I try and maybe- even just maybe- he gets why;p
Fab news! Did you know that PaperPesto is looking for 4 kiwi guest designers?  You can find all the details here. The kits are so gorgeous and the Paperpesto girls are just a joy to deal with! So what are ya waiting for?  Also PaperPestos’s latest kit > A walk in the woods <is now shipping! I love this kit, so much fun to play with!

Love that goofball of mine too!
Ok, better go and chase him off the play station;p 
TFL! xx Ilka


Thank you all for your wonderful and supportive comments!!! *hugs ya all*

Gosh it’s one of those weeks where I just wanna stay home and scrap & scrap and not work day after day. It’s been so full on at work and the cold weather seems to make some people very grumpy. Whereas at home I am having so much fun with the Paperpesto Kit. Here some sneakies, more on the PaperPesto Blog soonish! Hop over and check out Kate’s beautiful LO’s!

LOL ok I obviously need more practise taking sneak piccies!
Woohooo tomorrow is Friday and that means almost weeeeeeekeend, woohooo!!!
Lets get ready for the weekend!! TFL
xx Ilka

Wooohoooo runner up!

Wah Murphy’s Law lol I tried to post this all day yesterday and this morning, no luck. After getting the exciting news and some of your messages the Internet died… talk about sucky timing LOL. So thank you for all your messages, much appreciated ! Took 2 hours last night to get the helpdesk. Hopefully Telecom did the port reset and all is fixed now. First thing Chris said when I got home was, ‘the internet is back!’ LOL He’s such a techno kiddo.
Anyway, better hurry up-teaching scrapbasics at the LSS soon- will be in touch tomorrow!
Here is yesterdays post:
Wooohooo!!! How exciting Scrapscene ran the Truely Trendy Contest and I am one of the 5 runner ups!!! Especially cool since the LO holds a lot of personal meaning to me.

I entered late one night on the spur of a moment and did not really think I’d win or anything. Still cant believe it 220 international entries and I’m one of the top six! Woohooo!!! Another kiwi, Louise Williams is also in the top 6 >Big Congrats< Also to Beverly Warwick “Together” for getting Honourable Mentions!!! Kiwi scrapin rocks! So looking forward to some superyummy  Danelle Johnson goodies!!!
TFL and all your lovely comments! Have a great evening/day!
xx Ilka

Box of Delight!

Woohoo my turn to design with this month’s A Walk in the Woods” Collection from PaperPesto. This kit is just devine, am sure it will be another sell out! All my fav designer papers, Pink Paisley, SassafrasLass, Tinkering Ink, Scrapworks and Jenni Bowlen… heaven! The embossed felt embellies are too cute and I am in love with the Fancy Frame Chipboard Layered Book. That’s seriously cool! Look at all this colourful goodness spilling out on my sofa, doesn’t it just yell out play with me?

So I played tonight and now I dont want to go to work tomorrow but play more. Bah how work always interfers with fun;p
Oh you need to checkout PaperPesto Kate’s work with the kit here, she did a beautiful LO and an amazing mini album which she will post soon. Brings the sunshine right back into our hearts!
PaperPesto’s May sketch challenge is up and runs until 9pm on the 18th May! You gotta be in to win!
And how about an infamous sneak preview – I know what a pain in the butt but I wanna be mean too;p
LOL reveal at a later date.

Rainer thanks everyone for the good wishes, he said he felt ok today, the bugs are definetely retreating, thank goodness!
TFL and I wish you a great week! Hope you all keep warm!
xx Ilka